How the Streamer Works

The Streamer technology developed by Daikin Industries is an epoch-making air purification technology that has succeeded in stably generating "high-speed electrons,“ which had been considered difficult up to that time.

The Streamer discharge is a type of plasma discharge that generates "high-speed electrons", which have high oxidative decomposition power in a three-dimensional and wide range, so the oxidative decomposition power is 1,000 times or more compared to general plasma discharge (glow discharge).

With this technology, high-speed electrons that combine with air components have a strong oxidative decomposition power, so they continuously act on odors, bacteria, and indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde.

So far, we have demonstrated in collaboration with universities and public research institutes that it acts on harmful substances such as influenza virus, norovirus, toxins and bacteria that cause food poisoning.

How Decomposition Works in Streamer Discharge

If expressed in terms of thermal energy, the decomposition strength of the Streamer discharge would be comparable to applying heat of approximately 100,000℃.

Comparison of oxidation decomposition. This does not mean temperature will become high.