Multi-Chemical Sensitivity

Copy of The MC70L Can Help With Multi - Chemical Sensitivity


How does the decomposition mechanism of Steamer Technology work 

Allergen Removal

The Daikin MC70L removes the most common allergens such as pollen, dust, mite droppings and mould and adjuvant substances such as Diesel exhaust substances & formaldehyde.

Removal of Viruses and Bacteria

On the MC70L air purifier airborne viruses & bacteria are removed by the massive streamer discharge that hist the viruses, decomposing and fragmenting their surface proteins, which are then destroyed through oxidation thus rendering the virus safe. The streamer discharge then breaks down into safe nitrogen and oxygen atoms and water molecules.


The Flash Streamer breaks down and removes odours before the purified air is returned to the room.

 Daikin Flash Streamer Technolgy

 The Daikin MC70L Air Purifier / Siesta 70SS has the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval
Thanks to the Flash Streamer technology, developed by Daikin, the MC70L Flash Streamer is highly efficient in eliminating these potentially harmful agents*