Function list 

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Economical:   no need to buy filters for 10 years

Operation is economical with the 5 filters provided. You won’t need to   buy filters for 10 years, because each filter lasts 2 years. 

 *4 Based on ten cigarettes being smoked per day. (Calculation based on testing method of Japan Electrical   Manufacturers Association JEM1467 standard.) The unit is unable to decompose all harmful substances such as carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke. Two years as the replacement period for the pleated filter is given as a guide. This may differ depending on how and where the product is used. The replacement period will become   shorter if it is used in a place where there are a lot of pollutants in the air.

Easy filter storage  Unused filters can be stowed neatly inside the unit.

Titanium apatite photocatalytic filter
Bacteria & viruses are thoroughly absorbed by the titanium apatite and then removed by the photocatylist. 

Pleated dust collection filter 
Very economical, the air purifier  comes standard with 5 replacement filters. You will not have to buy filters for 10 years (1 filter can be used for 2 years). 

Pollen mode
By switching between normal and low airflow to create a gentle turbulence, pollen is caught before it lands on the floor.

Off timer
Operation stop time can be set.

Streamer Discharge
This function quickly decomposes odours and allergens, etc., with high speed electrons that have a powerful ability to oxidize.

Dust and odour sensor lamps
Dust and odours are detected and  shown in 3 easy-to-understand colours to indicate the level. 

Sleep mode 
Operation automatically switches between “Quiet” and “Low” modes in accordance with how polluted the air is. This is recommended for   times such as when sleeping. 

Child lock 
This can be used to prevent small children from mishandling the  air purifier. 

Streamer deodorising catalyst 

Odours and allergens, etc., are adsorbed on the catalyst and then decomposed by the power of the streamer.

Power saving inverter 
The inverter saves energy by   efficiently controlling the rotational speed of the motor in order to reduce power consumption.

Turbo mode 
This convenient mode provides high-power operation to quickly clean the air in a room when, for example, you come home or when  you have guests over.

Display adjustment 

The brightness of the indicator panel lamp can be adjusted. 

Plasma dust collection 

Dust and pollen are collected by charging them positively while charging the electrostatic dust collection filter negatively.

Energy saving automatic operation

The air purifier is run, without wasteful operation, only in accordance with the level of pollutants in the air, which is detected by the sensor. 


This catches large dust particles.   Bacteria and allergens are removed by the streamer and filter.