Allergen & Adjuvant Removal

Daikin Streamer Discharge Technology Eliminates Harmful Substances

Viruses and bacteria that have been proven to be deactivated

  • Influenza virus (type A, H1N1)
  • Highly virulent avian influenza virus (type A, H5N1)
  • Bacillus coli, O-157
  • Norovirus
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Tuberculosis bacteria
  • Toxins (enterotaxins

          Allergens that have been proven to be decomposed

  • Fungal allergens: sooty modulds, aspergillus, eurotium, aspergillus niger, fusarium, penicillium
  • Pollen based allergens: cedar pollen, alder pollen, birch pollen, japanese cypress pollen, pencil cedar pollen, bald cypress pollen, mugwort pollen, archard grass pollen, ragwood pollen, sweet vernal grass pollen, timothy grass pollen, gleawort pollen, Japanese beech.
  • Allergens from animate beings: house dust mile (dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) (droppings and dead mites), house dust mite (dermatophagoides farinae) (droppings and dead mites), American cockroach (droppings), German cockroach (droppings), flea (droppings), dog epidermis (dander), cat epidermis (dander), hamster epidermis (dander).
  • Other: wheat flour


Tests that prove the effectiveness of the Streamer Technology.

*Following experiments were practised by third parties based on Daikin Industries Ltd’s request.


Hazardous Chemical Substances That Have Been Proved To Be Removed By Streamer Technology

Hazardous Chemical Substances Removed

  • Formaldehyde
  • Diesel exhaust particulates (DEP)
  • Hazardous chemical substances in exhaust gas: NOx, tetrachlorethylene, benzene, trichloroethylene, dichloroethane, dichloromethane, chloroform
  • VOC type hazardous chemical substances: iso-butanol, hexane, styrene, nonanoic acid, trimethl benzene, xylene, naphthalene, ethyl benzene, toluene, ethyl acetate

This product can be used to improve the quality of the air by removing airborne hazardous chemical substances, allergens, mould, bacteria, and virused, etc. However, this product is not intended for the creation of sterlle environments or for the prevention of pathogen infections.

This description relates to the Streamer Technology devised by Daikin, but not to this Air Purifier, Test results from use of the Streamer Technology are generated according to prescribed test methods conducted by daikin. Although the Streamer Technology is contained within this Air Purifier, this does not mean that precisely the same results will be experienced using this Air Purifier, Actual results may differ depending on the conditions of product installation and use of the actual product, etc.

This product is not a medical device, medical treatment device or a therapeutic good. This product is not intended to have any therapeutic use or to be used for the diagnosis treatment, relief or prevention of illness. If you have a health concern or are not feeling well, please consult a health care professional.